In a new exhibition in London, they contemplate the no-go zone that separates them from their

In a new exhibition in London, they contemplate the no-go zone that separates them from their neighbours to the north IN 1988 A gallery in New York invited artists to imagine a non-military, non-political future use for the demilitarised zone (DMZ), the four-kilometre-wide strip of land that has separated North and South Korea since the ceasefire of 1953. Nam June Paik, a Korean-American, suggested creating a tiger farm to attract Japanese tourists. His compatriot Mo Bahc, also a resident in New York at the time, designed an amulet and sent it to six heads of state. Presidents and prime ministers alike were instructed to burn the amulet and drink the ashes, while wishing sincerely for reunification. A no-go area for citizens on both sides of the divide, the heavily fortified DMZ today remains a place of barbed wire and landmines. Yet for many artists, it is also a place of mystery— “an unknown world”, suggests SooJin Lee, an art historian, “similar to the concept of outer space that is explored in science-fiction”. Since its foundation in 2011, the South Korea-based Real DMZ Project has focused on the zone from an artistic standpoint. In formal terms the war has never ended, but...

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An alligator was witnessed scaling a chain-link fence at a naval air station in Jacksonville, Florida, over the weekend, a report said. The gator was spotted by resident Christina Stewart, who posted images of the beast climbing the fence on Facebook, according to local television station WTVM. Officials at the base told the news station that they don’t plan to remove the gator from the property — unless it poses a threat to people in the area. Barbed Wire, Metal Mesh, Stainless Wire Mesh, Screen Window – JIUZHOU METAL,